Sorcerer Supreme breaks expectations with a spectacular joyride of a film.

Unlike most of the other marvel counterparts, Doctor Strange has not had a strong presence in television or film adaptations which makes him a bit of an unknown for most moviegoers. With that said, Doctor Strange did not disappoint.

As the second film in phase three of the MCU franchise, Doctor Strange makes its debut with a bang. Besides being one of the better Marvel films to date, Doctor Strange’s visuals and use of 3D is well worth the extra ticket price which is an ever fleeting positive of 3D movies.

On the surface, the story seems pretty standard of an action movie, a suave millionaire who has a stereotypically prestigious job and of course is the best around. This was only a microcosm of the film as is quickly found out. The arrogant doctor is injured in a car crash which not only shatters his ego but most of the bones and tendons in his hands. Needless to say, his surgeon career was over but not his life as a whole.

Spoilers below! You have been forewarned.